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Does anyone need a CPA Goodfellow & Company in DeLand comes highly recommended.


Dental care information for pets 


Good information for your Cat's health and well being 


10 Effective ways to help our dogs feel safe.

The links below will help decide if traveling with your pet along is a good idea.

While at home or traveling some pets will do better longer than others.

Learn and know your pet's limitations before taking them along or leaving them at home as well.
To help you think deeper also read Pet Travel Tips on the navigational bar.


Do you travel with your pet?


If you need more information visit the links below.

Don't forget to double check their policy... some have been known to change theirs periodically.


Accidents happen... Look for a list of Veterinarians and note times they can be seen in the area you will be staying so you will be ready for any illness or injury that may happen unexpectedly.

Florida Pets



Pets welcome will help put a plan in place that will work for you.

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Featured site:   Bring where a free lunch really does exist



Traveling Dogs


Pet Vacation




Dog Friendly


Pets On The Go (for the jet set pet)


Luxury paw

Need travel gear for your pet? Kurgo of VT has quality, field tested products.



Below are more Links I have interest in

There are so many good stories with tons of information for the pet parent.


     Featured pet blogs:  Dr Karen Becker  and Award winning Jennifer Cattet Ph.D

Review Pet Project for Pets, Inc. on Great Nonprofits opened a food bank for pets. They extend a helping hand to sick and low income residents in South Florida.


Support the spay and neuter program. The license plate
continues to be available online or at your local DMV    They have saved many feral communities in central Florida over the years. 

Ic Florida for Local news and attractions

State parks and springs in Volusia county

Absolutely Florida

Downtown DeLand International fund for animal welfare...  Creating a better world for animals and people.

Go here for a great walking experience with your dog $5 fee or $20 per year

Smyrna Dunes Park

2995 N. Peninsula Ave

New Smyrna Beach, FL